The Top 5 Traffic Generator SEO Software on the Google

You may be wondering how an automatic traffic generator functions and the actual benefits of the Best SEO Softwares. Following list enumerates some of the important traffic generators available in the market.

This site is having a good reputation of network dealing with email lists. The idea is to generate an email list independent of SEO that saves you from the hassles of content marketing. FFANET offers you with a range of tools that can be utilized for your benefit. But you have to generate useful leads, and you still need a website to pull in opt-ins. Google Analytics and heat map system integration will provide you with all the necessary information required for achieving success in your business.

2. Pro Builder Plus
PBP is a type of a combination tool using a MLM schemes and a traffic generator without the vagaries encountered by a traditional MLM. You need not sign up under agency, but the program does incur some recurring expenditure every month. You will be allowed to use traffic generation tools and have access to various promotional information, training schemes and SEO Professional Software.

3. Monster-Traffic 
Monster-Traffic has two important benefits; the first one being, you can have a free account. You need to spend 10 dollars per month towards the opening of a premium account. But you have the provision to avail a referral bonus incentive. You can earn a free year premium membership, when you arrange for the signing up a user through your referral link. Hence it is easy to get free traffic year after year.

4. Traffic Wave 
TrafficWave is an important tool to use in conjunction with the existing traffic. It’s a responder for email lists, which sends replies to all your email queries .It also provides you with a set of tools formulated to organize together the best auto responses available.

5. One Million Clicks 
As indicated by the name, One Million Clicks is a program which permits you to achieve a huge number of clicks to your website within a very short span of time. It propagates itself as a “fake traffic generator” and that’s really what it is. This is the most beneficial SEO software for all marketing groups.


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